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Dark Age of Camelot Level 1 to 25, a quick journey for the new player.

Level 1 to 12 can be easily attained through the special tutorial zone where you get the chance to learn various commands, trainers and other invaluable tools as you level.

If you don’t wish to level in the tutorial zone, you can move on to the regular zones and begin grinding and questing. If you leave the tutorial early, I highly recommend doing your local Nergal’s and or Balban’s Breach quest to receive a decent suit of starter armor. However, remaining in the tutorial will earn you a decent suit of armor that’s even better.

After this, your fastest leveling will be in the battlegrounds. Travel into your capital city and speak with your local teleporter. (See the videos linked at the bottom for more information on where to go in your realm.) Here you can easily select the battlegrounds option and automatically be sent to the one appropriate for your level. Inside the battlegrounds starting at level 10, you can find 2 quest NPC’s. One will offer you 3 kill quests. Each quest asks you to kill 15 mobs of a particular type. Completing these quests rewards a large amount of XP and also gives you aurulite.

Aurulite is used for the purchase of gear from a merchant in the battlegrounds, or can also be used in your catacombs area.

The second NPC offers 2 quests. Each one will ask you to kill 15 members from one of the two opposing realms. As of writing this, killing one player from an opposing realm actually counts as 4 kills. You’ll find that this really only requires you to kill 4 members to receive credit for all 15. In my opinion, this doesn’t appear to be a bug because my time spent in the battlegrounds; I rarely ever finished these 2 quests because I never saw anyone from the opposing realms.

Be forewarned, the level 20 to 24 battleground Thidranki, has a lot of fighting between the three realms and is very popular. Expect the kill 15 enemy realm quests fairly easily.

As a side note to the kill quests, I recommend a group. This isn’t because the mobs are hard, but because of the mechanics. If you are grouped, every kill counts as two. If you are having trouble getting a group, be vigilant. There is usually someone who needs a group and will be more than happy to join you. Also, you don’t have to be very close to get kill credit. Plenty of times me and someone else would split up, one person would kill one set of mobs and I would kill another, finishing 2 quests very quickly.

In Midgard, you will be looking for Channeler Sidral located in the capital city of Jordheim. Leaving the battleground will send you to Vindsaul Faste. You will want to find Stor Gothi Annark.

In Hibernia, you will be looking for Channeler Garl located in the capital city of Tir Na Nog. Leaving the battleground will send you to Druim Ligen. You will want to find Glasny.

In Albion, you will be looking for Channeler Deng’ani located in the capital city of Camelot. Leaving the battleground will send you to Castle Sauvage. You will want to find Master Visur.

For further information regarding the locations of these characters, please refer to the following links.




I hope this guide has helped you step into Dark Age of Camelot and that you find a realm that suits you and your play style. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Hey I just fired up a 10 day free trial on my old account and was sad to find that /level no longer works and I'm having a hard time finding where all my alts are and on which servers....sooo much to remember from so long ago...thanks for the guide it's helpful.