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Regnum Online review

 Hey there gang,

I'm here to shoot you a review to a game I read about a couple of weeks ago called Regnum Online.  I found this game as I hunted around for some Free to Play MMO's to test out and it sounded interesting.

The premise of the game is 3 waring realms battle to defend and take control of territory in a PVP designated area.  The battle continues as the 3 realms battle to capture Sacred Gems from the enemies castle and return it to theirs to get a special benefit for as long as they can control it.  This alone drew me to the game right away as it reminded me of another MMO of old I have loved for a very long time, Dark Age of Camelot.

From the website

 Regnum offers 3 realms to choose from.
- 9 fully customizable player characters.
- An ever expanding number of quests.
- The ability to capture forts and castles.
- Expansive lands to explore.

Fighting a giant SNOW BEAST!!!  Oh wait, thats a bear.

There are currently 3 servers available to choose from.  Horus (English server), Ra (Spanish server) and Amun (Experimental/test server)  Once you've chosen your server its time to choose which of the 3 realms you'll be joining, Alsius, Ignis and Syrtis.  Each realm contains 3 separate races with 6 classes to choose from.  The Archer, who can specialise as a Marksman or Hunter.  The Warrior who can later choose to be a Knight or Barbarian.  And lastly the Mage who can become a Warlock or a Conjuror.  Once you've chosen your class, customised your character and his/her look, you're off to the game world.

The game world beings in whats called the Beginners Area, which is also a safe zone from PVP.  This zone is your basic teach the player about the game, movement, combat and get you used to your surroundings and skills.  The user interface is fairly simple and straight forward compared to most MMO's.  Its a nice change of pace, and the game doesn't really hold your hand for long before you're thrown into the world to fend for yourself.

Entrance to Montsognir.

Upon completing all the quests in the Beginners Area, which should be around level 10ish, you are then given a quest to move on and into the Inner Realm.  Here is where your adventure continues as you embark on your journey to reaching level 50 and start your conquest in RVR combat. 

Training isn't terribly detailed in this game, and you get plenty of points to spend.  I'd recommend holding onto a few points because once you get to the Inner Realm, you are given the chance to specialise and you'll be receiving a few more talents to choose from to spec in.

I found the game enjoyable and simple.  Unfortunately, it also brought back wonderful memories of Dark Age of Camelot.  Because of this, it made me want to quit playing Regnum just to get a taste of an fun old school game.  The graphics are very simple in Regnum, nothing cutting edge but neither are they the worst I've ever seen.  Some mouse movements can get awkward at times as it seems to jump and skip.  The animations and models on the creatures in the game are fairly simple so don't expect anything to pop out at you, at least not in the first 10 levels.  Combat animations of your character as also simple yet straight forward.

Killing and innocent Ferret.  Awwww :(

I would happily recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun time and something simple.  I will continue to play to game a bit more to try out the RVR.  I can give this game a fairly good rating overall and do recommend it, but as it stands at the moment, if you can afford the $14.99 for Dark Age of Camelot, I would highly suggest that over this.  However if you can't, this game will give you a very solid enjoyment for your time spent in it.


The Graphics don't stand out, but are decent enough.
Some jumpy moments with mouse and keyboard.
Simple interface and training makes it fun and easy to learn.
Three realms instead of the typical 2 to choose from.

They even have Tauntauns!!


If you want something new and fresh new feel that isn't hard to learn, fun to play and a PVP environment that isn't commonly seen, then you should definitely give this a try.

This is Thalack with Phase4Games thanking you for reading this review and I'll see you next time.  Feel free to leave comments and make sure to subscribe to my blog.

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