Sunday, January 16, 2011

BRAINS!!! Plants V.S. Zombies PC and Iphone review

Grab your lawn mowers, prep your lawn, plant your…plants and get ready for all out mayhem.  You’re in control of some of the deadliest plants this side of the street.  On the other side of the street, brain hungry zombies!!!  Your mission is to use plants to defend your brains from becoming a midnight snack.  Can you setup the right plants to protect you from a bunch of crazy zombies that show off their skills in being running backs, riding dolphins and even dancing?  If so, grab your plants and get ready to rock.
Game of the year, many times over and a special game of the year edition; Plants V.S. Zombies brings you into an exciting 2d world of carnage.  Your goal is to setup plants on your lawn to defeat zombies with limited resources.  The game takes you across night and day, from the front yard, to the back yard and onto the roof as you defend against endless waves.  The creators brought a lot of humor into the game with many of the plant names.  Pea-shooters, Wal-nuts and many other creative names that bring a smile to your face as you play. 
The game mixes a good bit of action with strategy to bring you a really great experience.  I’m not a huge fan of many 2d games like PvZ, but in this case I’m in love.  You are given just the right amount of resources to begin the game to deal with the zombies.  As the game progresses, you are introduced to more menacing and deadly zombies that want to eat your brains for lunch. With this, you get a new arsenal of plants to deal with the new zombies.  Setup your lawn how you need, but be careful, you only get so many resources to plan your strategy. 
Sun power is the source of life for your plants.  During the day, it falls from the sky and you can get it from Sunflowers.  You will need Sunflowers to be successful in every stage.  As you battle through hordes of zombies, day will eventually turn to night.  At night, you will receive no sun power from the sky, making your Sunflowers the only source.  Your strategy has to change with every major stage chance. 
Along the way, you meet your neighbor Crazy Dave.  He may seem crazy, but there is a method to his madness.  He provides you with valuable advice.  Later, he will sell you plants and items to help you along the way.  Unfortunately it only evens it out as the zombies become more aggressive.  Cone heads, zombies with screen doors and even zombies using balloons to try and fly over your plants.  You’ve got your work cut out for you.
The great part of the game is the creators knew how to keep it fresh, fun and enjoyable.  They’ve also thrown in mini games like Zombie Bowling that has explosive Wal-nuts.  These mini games bring another layer of freshness to the game to prevent it from getting redundant or boring.  Everything is well done and well rounded in this game that it’s unbelievable. 
I’ve had the chance to play this game on both the PC and Iphone app.  Yeah, I’m addicted to this game.  The only grueling difference I have noticed between the two versions in the mini games mode.  So far on the Iphone version I have not been able to find an option to play the various mini games like you can on the PC version.  Aside fm this being the only downside I see to the Iphone version, you can’t beat the entertainment you get for $2.99. 
I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun filled, silly game that’ll give you a good laugh alongside some fun action and strategy.
Hilarious Plant names.
Well rounded mixture of strategy, action and fun.
Great 2d game with funny animations.
Awesome sound effects, you’ll get a laugh.
The only con I find is in the Iphone version.  I can’t seem to find the mini games.  If I can find them, this con will be gone.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Plants V.S. Zombies and find yourself knee deep in plants soon.