Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dead Space is Dead on

Dead Space, where no one can hear you scream.  At least, no one who is still alive is going to hear you scream.  Dead Space follows a rescue ship, sent to the planet cracker ship Ishimura to learn why communications was lost, and assist with any repairs needed.  Upon arriving, you're quite literally sucked into the ship, as you and your team barely survive a crash landing into the docking bay.  This is when all hell breaks loose, as soon you are separated from your team, who are trained fighters, left to stand alone as a lowly engineer.  And obviously an engineer who knows quite a bit about guns and how to use them.  From here, you learn everyone aboard the ship is dead.  Now, you and the surviving team members must find a way to reunite and escape the horrors within the ship.

Dead Space started out to be a very fun and enjoyable experience, however, this quickly changed for me.  I was quite surprised they didn't label the box with a warning that you might need diapers to play the game cause it so effectively scares the piss out of you.  I found my self, many times over, running, screaming and trying to hide from the monstrosities aboard the Ishimura.  After hiding under my covers for 15 minutes I finally realised they were in the computer and couldn't chase me.  When I finally got my wits about myself I could continue the game.  This is a well done horror game in the sense.  It does bring you a great sense of fear, tension and excitement as you play through the game.  You battle beings called Necromorphs, which are, well, you'll have to play and find out.  Everything in the game is explained, from the necromorphs, to whats really happening.  Along the way you will fight various versions of these necromorphs, as they prove to be deadlier and deadlier the further you get into the game.

Unlike most shooters, this game is in the 3rd person, and as for guns, you don't just pick them up and go.  You earn credits and purchase weapons and equipment from the ships store.  In your journey of survival you find power nodes which will allow you to upgrade your weapons and equipment.  But use them wisely as you will receive a limited supply.  I personally chose to focus mainly on my suit and a machine gun I picked up.

The story of the game is engaging and interesting if you take the time to listen and read the ships logs.  However you will miss out on a lot if you simply skip past them.  The creatures in the game tend to follow your basic monsters with a new look.  You will have your weaker versions and slowly progress to harder, uglier looking monsters. 

One major positive I enjoyed about the game comes after you beat the game.  You are rewarded a bunch of power nodes and credits, allowing you to play through the game again, this time starting with everything you left off with.  The game also has difficulty settings allowing you to choose what is best for you.  If you're new to this type of game there is an easy setting, normal if you're looking for a mild challenge, hard to add some stress to your life, and nightmare, for those people who are perfectly zen and need some excitement.
Overall the game is enjoyable, some content is typical repeat from other games or stories, but it presented well and keeps you engaged.  A few things in the story can be predicted but this is the case with almost any story.  The graphics are beautiful and you will find a lot of fun in this game.  If you're looking for a 3rd person shooter that brings fun to the table, this is one to definitely pick up.  Just don't get sucked into Dead Space.