Saturday, May 7, 2011

I've been struck by Thor!

Thor follows the story of a god of the same name.  He is the god of thunder.  Arrogant and proud, he rushes headlong into battle without much thought.  But when he attacks the Jotuns (Frost Giants) against his father’s will, he is banished from Asgard and forced to live amongst the realm of Midgard (Earth).
This sets the stage for the latest comic to movie adaptation from the Marvel universe.  It’s an enjoyable thrill ride that I found myself pleased to take part in.  I have never read the comic, but I have studied Norse mythology to a great extent; so stepping into this movie I had certain expectations of the material staying true to its mythological counterpart.  I was quickly pleased to see many things remaining true to the myths and legends, even down to the detail of Odin’s horse, the six (sometimes 8) legged Sleipnir.
The story of the movie never gets slow or stale in the least.  It explains everything very well and clearly.  This allows anyone interested in this movie who has never read the comic or Norse mythology to step into the movie and not get lost.  Though I will say having some knowledge of either does help. 
Directed by Kenneth Brannagh, he brings us an exciting story that keeps us engaged, and lets us have some humor along the way.  Never at any point is the humor silly or out of place.  It is fun and spot on perfect. 
Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, A Perfect Getaway) plays the arrogant god of thunder, Thor.  He plays this role with precision and I honestly feel it was made for him.  He brings a great level of arrogance to the character that brings Thor to life in a way I did not expect.  However, he doesn’t over play the arrogance and never makes you dislike him.  You clearly see he has an ego but at no point makes you dislike the character.  As the movie progresses, you find yourself liking Thor more and more as you cheer for him.
Natalie Portman (Black Swan) is cast as Jane Foster, who befriends Thor and becomes his ally.  She is charming in her role and simply shows her broad ability to play almost any character and make you believe it.  Along with her companions (Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings) she helps Thor find his footing here in our realm of Earth.
Tom Hiddleston (Archipelago) steps into the character of Loki.  He feels right in the role of the god of mischief and trickery.  I was please to see Loki receive a fair amount of screen time in the movie, and Hiddleton’s performance was the right mix of eccentric and devious.
And then there is Odin, king of the gods.  The ruler of Asgard is played by Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal) and he plays the part well.  I personally had always wondered if a movie had Odin, who would play him?  Well, I can definitely say whoever did the casting for this movie did a great job, and bringing Hopkins in as Odin was a great decision.  Strong and powerful, yet wise and merciful, Hopkins plays it perfectly.
Overall the movie is extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun.  I went in with low expectations in terms of story, yet high expectations on the mythological.  Both expectations were well surpassed.  The acting was great, the story engaging and fun, and Brannagh a brilliant director.
You will love Thor before the movie ends, but don’t leave your seat just yet.  As with any Marvel movie, there is a special surprise at the end of the credits.      


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