Monday, June 6, 2011

What's up?

Hey gang, what's going on out there in the world for you?  Leave a comment, let me know how you are.

As for me, I've been a little busy organizing some things around the house which has put my reviews on hold for a bit.  Now new games and I haven't had a chance to go and see any movies lately.  I am wanting to see the new Pirates, X-men, Super 8 and a few others.  For those of you who know me, you already know I'm excited as hell for one movie.  Can you guess it?  Transformers Dark of the Moon.  Definitely can't wait for that, and I've been nabbing up the toys that have been coming out.

On that note, I am seriously considering reviewing toys as I get them.  Expand my review horizons, ya know?  Let me know what you think, and just leave a comment in general.  Say hello. 

So until my next post, take care everyone, be safe and have a good time.


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