Friday, September 23, 2011

Caite Upton interviews Kevin Conway on the important subject matter of performance enhancer usage in NASCAR.


Sadly, NASCAR did not ok this video to be done.  It was a funny video, well worth the watch.  I hope all of you got to watch it, and no, you won't find it on youtube.  The video has been removed from all media outlets as far as I know.

Warning: The Following article is intended to be tongue and cheek.  Please don’t take any of this seriously except the serious parts.  You’ve been warned!
The beautiful and funny Caite Upton (Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant and The Amazing Race finalist) takes on the very important subject of performance enhancing drugs being used in NASCAR.  She interviews NASCAR driver and ExtenZe spokesperson Kevin Conway. 
The interview covers the very important subject as to why NASCAR allows him to use performance enhancers while many other professional sports organizations shun it.  Unlike many other stars around the world, Kevin Conway is proud to admit he is using performance enhancers and never for a moment shy’s away from any question asked.   
This is a hilarious interview that you cannot miss.  I quite literally just about fell out of my chair laughing as I was stunned by some of questions asked.  Caite Upton is as always, charming and hilarious, and Kevin Conway is just as energetic and amusing to watch. 
Through all the hilarity in this video, it does still ask the very important question about enhancers being used by some NASCAR drivers and why they are doing nothing about it.  This video is just the beginning of a series of videos to come, featuring Catie Upton as she is “Learning Stuff.”  Watch for future videos soon and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.