Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WST Prowl - Another small Transformer

Round out my Worlds Smallest Transformers collection is Prowl.  He's got a very similar transformation to Jazz, and is highly detailed.  Anyone ever notice how detailed a smaller figure is vs a larger figure?  And I mean that in terms of anything....trains, Transformers, etc.

Like all the other WST figures, Prowl remains true to his Generation 1 toy in both his transformation and look.  Takara scores big again, as do I by pickign him up.  I've snagged up he last, easy to find and inexpensive WST figure.  Now looking to the future, the remaining figures will not be easy to find, nor cheap to purchase.

So what remains?  Silverstreak, Hot Rod, Skywarp, Optimus Primes Trailer, Ultra Magnus and I beleive that's it.  I believe there might be a Thundercracker chase figure but I need to research that again and find out.  If there is one, I have never seen it ANYWHERE!  So he'll be the hardest to acquire, if he does exist. 

Thanks for reading and I'll get something up for you to read in the near future.