Friday, October 30, 2015

For all who will be missing their child or loved one tomorrow!

This will be the first Halloween without you. We’re supposed to be in our temporary home near the hospital getting ready for Halloween tomorrow.

But we are not!

We are at home without our beloved son William aka (Thalack known to the gamer community). We will set a place next to your chair and table with the traditional apple cider, a plain cake doughnut & caramel popcorn. We will watch the horror movies we all loved so much. We know you will be joining us in spirit and this is the only reason we’ll be doing this for Halloween. But it will not be the same knowing you will not be here with us in physical form. We will miss seeing you play your competition games with your friends and noticing all the fun Halloween extras the gamers added in for the day.

Our hearts goes out to all who will be missing their child or a loved one tomorrow as we see all the Halloween costumes and those celebrating. We will have our memories tomorrow!

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