Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One year ago today, July 20th, 2015 at 1:01 am, you transitioned into spirit. This is the day my life came to a halt. It has been one year since I’ve been called “mama.” One year since I’ve heard “mama I love you.” I miss your bear hugs that would take out my back. What I’d give for one of those. I miss kissing you on top of your head just because, as I’d walk by your chair. Now I just walk by your chair and cry. I miss hugging you and watching you play with your team in gaming matches. How I miss going to the movie theater and getting our popcorn and blueberry slushies. Our weekly Friday night family horror movie fests. I miss every fiber of your being.

William was happy and he asked for very little in life. He loved to cook, laugh and had a sense of humor about almost everything. He loved life to the fullest. He loved his family and his 4 legged girl Mea', who owned his heart. He had a good heart, a pure spirit, a kind soul and loved all animals! I don't believe he ever hurt a soul because that was not in his nature. He saw the best in everyone. He loved the holidays starting from Halloween through Jan 1st.

William was the best son any parent could have been blessed with. We were & still are so very proud of him. He was the strongest person I will ever know. He always had a smile on his face. He never let his health condition damped his spirit. He was simply amazing.

He was a published critical review writer, editor, aspiring producer/director, a professional gamer who was a member on one of the top pro teams and a top computer tech. AND yes, he was an avid collector of all things Transformers. He loved Transformers from the first cartoon aired to the first transformer figure released. And yes…he was proud to be a nerd! He took 2nd place at the BotCon Film Festival in Pasadena and he was beaming with excitement when he accepted his 2nd place ribbon and certificate.

We planned our yearly trips to BotCon the day after the last one would end. In 2015 he planned to have his transplants, and his BIG wish was to jump in the POOl at the next BotCon. He didn’t get his second chance at life with new organs.

How have I survived? I’ve only survived because William has guided me to a path that has brought a spark of hope back into my life with a new project. I’ve never had anything fall into place so easily and I wasn’t even looking or considering a new project. Along with William leaving us a number of signs. Signs that can’t be debunked. I’ve been lucky to have two of the most AMAZING readings anyone could have every asked for. They were pure evidential readings. Readings with information that no one would know. Not unless you had a camera or microphone in our house or hospital room.

William was and still is my heart & soul. He was my life and my sunshine. My sunshine set forever one year ago today. In my eyes William is the most precious gift given to me and always will be…and now in spirit.

We will forever love & miss his physical presence. Our hearts still are broken and tears fall daily. Half my heart died when you transitioned and my other half is shattered. My life will never be the same. I still can’t think of my life without you being here with us physically. I don’t think I will ever heal not having you here physically. But I am so grateful for all the signs and guiding me to a project that has brought a spark of hope. A hope that will help others who have lost children and loved ones. Thank you for guiding me William. You loved sitting around the campfire. The big campfire we had last night into the early morning hours... it was for you.

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