Saturday, March 18, 2017

Don't Feed the Medium

When our loved ones cross-over we are devastated. We are vulnerable. Especially when we lose a child (no matter their age). We feel the need to connect with them. We have questions. Are they alright? Are they with family members in spirit? The questions each of us have are unending. I don't believe we will ever be the same person we were before. We will forever miss their physical presence. But finding the right spiritual medium who can give you evidential information that your loved one is still here with you... can help bring a spark a light and hope back in to our lives.
The search for who is a legit psychic medium and who are the ambulance chasers has been debated since the beginning of of their birth. I've had readings with psychic mediums from coast to coast. There has been the good, the bad and the ugly.
Did you know that "not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics?" You could be getting a reading from a psychic who is only reading your Aura, your energy and not connecting with spirit.
General information that could apply to anyone is not "EVIDENCE."
I went to a platform reading and the medium on stage said..."I have a older man here that is balding. He likes to drink coffee in the morning and read the newspaper." The so-called medium didn't direct the information to anyone in the audience, they threw the information out there with a general statement that fit half the audience. A grief vampire in the making.
We need to connect so badly to our loved ones we are willing to make anything fit. Making statements that could apply to anyone is not "EVIDENCE."
Whether you're in a private reading or attending a platform demonstration remember "DO NOT FEED THE MEDIUM!"
I can say without question that there are legitimate spiritual mediums who have integrity and hold themselves to a higher standard. And they help bring a spark of light and HOPE back in to our lives!
Keep following as we go on this journey...